Australia Travel Series: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Australia Travel Series: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Australia - Gold Coast

Part 4//Cruising Gold Coast + to Melbourne

Go­ld Coast; Nov 18th, 12:06pm

If you’re expecting pages and pages of well-planned itinerary, exciting sight-seeing posts and all that jazz – this isn’t the trip for that. This is ALL ABOUT FOOD. And being lazy.

That’s right. All I want to share with you about today, wet and drizzly and then full out rainy, is the absolute chill.

Kudos to my friend for being my driver and tour guide. I wouldn’t have known to find nor how to pronounce Burleigh Social if not for you. For those of you who yearn for brunch with an outdoor seating option, of which there are many actually, try the Brekky Bagel! Nothing like alliteration in name game. Fillings are as follows: local streaky bacon, fried egg, haloumi, smashed avocado, lettuce, tomato, kewpie mayo & BBQ sauce – all on a toasted bagel.

Naturally everything fell out in a delicious, aesthetically unappealing mess on my first bite. (shrug emoji)

We then did a mandatory beach stroll. Drizzles aside, it was super peaceful.

Oh wait, we did do one sight-seeing stop.

Coastal Walk @ Burleigh Head National Park

The sun’s not out to play but surfers sure were! If you want to mix some greens into your blues, hit up Burleigh Head National Park. From the walkway, we could see black dots among the waves. As we rounded a curve and followed the trail uphill, the view opened up to a wide expanse of sea, coast and town. There’s more texture to an aerial view, layers you wouldn’t otherwise see. The gradient of blues for example, only show when you’re at a high vantage point.

Our viewing platform had some pretty sick views.

Apparently, we can see whales if we’re lucky (we weren’t). But we did see a whopping number of bin chickens. They don’t look like chickens to me, but what do I know about birds…

Anyway, chill day ended with more cruising along the seafront, driving past the barricades set up in preparation for Schoolies week, and some more time wasting at the mall. We rounded off with an early night; not before we got our fish-N-chips though!


Gold Coast & Brisbane --> Melbourne; Nov 19th

A day full of travelling! I’d say 90% of my day was spent either in a car or a plane.

We haven’t, in fact, spent long enough in my friend’s rickety car (according to him) so we racked up some miles on a drive to Brisbane. Since airport was the theme of the day, this trip was for the sole purpose of picking up his passport. But also to see his cats.

Rain had been sticking close since my Gold Coast days, but it really unleashed its potential just as we winded up at the Mt Coot-tha lookout on the way, and didn’t have the decency to stop. Since the mountain tops were shrouded in mist, I, unfortunately, couldn’t get a look-see of Brisbane top-down.

But nevermind that! My friend was welcomed home like the prodigal child who never visits (a.k.a with more hugs than I would get) and I got bamboozled with a warm introduction to his parents and their TEN CATS. I’ve never seen so many pretty fluffies in one house. Jealousy burns.

The rest of the day after that was anticlimactic. Sure, we took a ferry across this river, drove past these brown dappled horses and massive fenced fields all the way back to Gold Coast Airport, but since they all lacked a cuteness factor… I’m left with nothing but vague impressions. I also don’t have pictures of the ride, because I was fulfilling friend duties and making conversation.

Do note though: domestic flights are AWESOME. I love the easy check-in, lack of immigration counters and hassle free security check. It did get really crowded in the small waiting area at some point, but my flight only got delayed by half an hour so it was a win.

By the time I landed in Melbourne, I was exhausted by the travelling. Not sure why just sitting around saps up so much energy, but it does! My tiredness was combatted by only one thing: my family is coming!

I ended up waiting for my mom and aunt at the international arrival hall for close to two hours because their flight was delayed. I did get hugs as compensation, but also lots of nagging for not setting up Uber on my phone. In any case, we taxied our way to Southern Cross Station (where our Airbnb is closest to) and reunited with the last member of our troupe, my brother.