Australia Travel Series: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Australia Travel Series: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney


Part 3//A day in the life of @ Gold Coast

Gold Coast; Nov 17th, 11:35 am

What you need to understand about Gold Coast is that it’s all coast. I never quite imagined just how long a beach could stretch but damn, talk about coast line.

Before I found myself looking down this beyond-the-eyeline shore, I powered up at Café on Hedge. We have Acai bowls in Hong Kong too (not that I’ve ever tried them), but somehow gorging on berries and yogurt with the wind in my hair was too perfect an image to pass up so – my healthy brunch + vanilla milkshake to make up for those missing calories.

beach walk

Armed with a full stomach and the wrong shoes (don’t wear sneakers to the beach. no really), my friend and I let the wind drag us down Broadbeach towards Surfers Paradise. It was a gray day, storm clouds gathering offshore and sending insistent waves further and further up shore, water cool and clinging to the fine hairs on our legs, the dipped hem of our pants. The wind had fun whacking my face with my hair, blocked only by my oversized sunglasses. I could feel my hair stiffening already, sea and salt tagging along.

We weren’t the only ones hapless against the whims of open air and water. Bluebottles! Blue dragons! These harmless(?), minuscule creatures were way too adorable up close. They’re also poisonous, of course.

There are many pieces of literature that expound on nature and its awe-inspiring enormity. Stacks of prose on the generosity of the sea, sky and space, the utter terror one can feel when facing their unpredictability; sometimes, we discuss the feeling of comfort of being an invisible speck within the unimaginable scope of the universe. I’d rather talk about how this windy walk along an empty coast wiped any thoughts clean from my head. I’m not helpless, nor am I comforted. I’m simply divorced from the world beyond what I can see, disconnected from the worries of people around me, and in the companionable voice of nature which doesn’t communicate with words – even the unsettled mutterings of my mind are silenced.

Gold Coast; sometime in the afternoon

It’s only my first day here, and yet – I wouldn’t say I’m bored, but I’ve definitely settled into a state of lethargy.

With sand stubbornly crusted between our toes and in our shoes, my friend and I exchanged fresh air for the cold embrace of air-con. Malls here aren’t so different from back home; brand names making up majority of shops. Kudos to the food court; if Hong Kong malls dedicated more in-house design effort to food courts, I’d probably spend more time there. Individuality! Each restaurant had its own scheme.

If you ever need to waste time: mall cruising.

Better yet, go watch a movie. If you have extra bucks to spare. Since I haven’t shelled out on anything beyond basic eatery costs, deciding to watch Thor: Ragnarok again was worth it.

How did you like the movie? It’s too late for spoilers right? I loved the comedic take compared to the last two films (that I haven’t actually watched properly). Finding humour in otherwise bleak times is a mark of true superhero-ship – it’s not sheer strength that defeats enemies (even if the biceps were impressive), but hope and determination to see the day through.

Burgers seem to be a running theme throughout this trip. If you want a reasonably priced, tasty, stable franchise, please look to Grilled.