Australia Travel Series: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Australia Travel Series: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Australia - Melbourne

Part 6//Tram to St Kilda

Melbourne, St Kilda; Nov 22nd

Look at those Puffskeins! No? Zoom in and look closer - those brave souls paragliding in this heat. Incredible.

Contrary to the searing sun, Mom was down with a cold. My aunt and I set off for St Kilda as a duo. After buying a Myki card at Southern Cross Station (it's $6 for the card and an additional $8.40 for the day pass!! Travel costs ain't cheap here...), we boarded the Yarra Tram right along Spencer Street (96 in the direction of St Kilda). The tram ride wasn't long, but took us across Yarra River and through suburbs, turning out at Fitzroy Street to head along the coast. 

Melting on the boardwalk

It was a hot day! Alighting at the Esplanade, I spotted tiny puffs of paragliders - admirable in the crazy heat. Unfortunately, the market is only open on Sundays, but we took the chance to stroll along the esplanade anyway.


If you decide to detour out onto the pier, you might be happy to hear that there's a restaurant at the end. I ordered a milkshake while my aunt rested her feet, and we later chanced on the small penguin spotting area out back - to no luck! It's a nice marina though; my dad would have liked it. 


There were these school girls lounging around the middle of the pier walk; bikinis and hot concrete accumulating into back flips into cooler water. There were some tourists too, but none as extravagant as our umbrella holding. Here's the view along the pier for those of you who'd rather skip the walk:

If you do bypass the pier, you'll find yourself with a nice patch of green instead:

Lunch @ Fitzrovia (which I super recc!)

Lunch was calling, so I directed my aunt back to the main road and in for a few blocks of walking; Fitzrovia was the food rec of the day, and why would I miss out on that? 

Fitzrovia opens to a lovely counter, the restaurant split into a half level; ground floor consists of some cakes and muffins deliciously on display and a high ceiling of wines and whatnot piled behind the counter, the dining area up a short flight of stairs. The space is airy, all white walls and wooden interior with touches of industrial (like the typewriter I very much coveted). The portions are generous! And yes, definitely try the eggs. 

Take a walk along Acland Street

After lunch, we decided to make use of our day pass and took the same 96 tram to its final stop at Acland Street. It's a run of small shops (and two cotton on stores for some reason), the left side more commercial (there's a lovely bookstore with recommendations by the staff) and the right a chain of heavy dessert stores (racks and racks of cakes, slices, macarons, savory and sweet goodies). By then, the sun has reached its peak so we decided to head back downtown. 

Just take the 96 back the opposite direction towards East Brunswick, and you'll find yourself passing Batman Park in about 20 minutes. 

Dinner ^ was at a Japanese restaurant near Rose Lane. My brother mistakenly ordered five appetizers that were the size of at least half a meal. Mom chastised me for not stopping him but how was I to know how big the portions would be? (Also it was kinda funny....)