Australia Travel Series: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Australia Travel Series: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Australia - Melbourne

Part 5//48 Hours in Melbourne City

Melbourne; Nov 20th

Aye! Here’s the roadmap y’all waiting for! Welcome to MELBOURNE:

Quick lunch at Dotspot (Vietnamese food)

Tasty, quick and filling! Also super close to the Southern Cross (train and tram) Station if you want to go anywhere after.

Queen Victoria Market

My mom, aunt and I walked through a nearby park to Queen Victoria Market - except it was closed... Be sure to check opening times, folks.

Mix things up - let your feet wander

The fun part of visiting any city is letting yourself get "lost". Take in all of the city, not just marked down tourist spots! We started off on Elizabeth Street and then swerved to find the RMIT campus with its funky building, followed by a stately State library and then stopped at the shopping mall opposite it for a quick sit down.

Elizabeth Street & shopping mall district

Went back out on Elizabeth street and hit landmarks such as the small St. Francis Church, the huge Emporium mall and its connected neighboring mall, Bourke Street Mall in an old historical structure, past the massive tram intersection and did occasional stops at various Chemist shops. We met up with my brother at Collins Street and turned left at Flinders Lane, before cutting out to Flinders Street.

There you'll come across St. Paul's Cathedral in all its grandness, and opposite that, the ACMI. 

#Photo Stop: Street Art

With the sun hot and shining, we sat down at Beer Deluxe within the ACMI for a brief afternoon tea. Then we were off to the can't-be-missed Instagram stop: Hosier Lane is snap shot heaven with its graffiti walls. Just look:

Wrapping up the day with dinner @ Universal

Dinner took us up to Lygon Street and its various snazzy Italian restaurants, but we ended up at Universal - big portions and reasonably cheap - and ordered a pasta, Hawaiian pizza, pork ribs and pumpkin risotto + butterscotch milkshake. 

After a day full of walking, we took an Uber back to Spencer Street Coles for a quick grocery run, then back to our Airbnb around the area. 


Melbourne; Nov 21st

Queen Victoria Market take 2! Day Two starts off with a not so quick run through the market place that's thankfully open. From container shops to fruit stalls to the indoor bread and cheese sections, you'll definitely find the fresh produce you're looking for. My mom and aunt spent a lot of time lamenting how they'd love to ship crates of fruits home, but we made do with buying some for the night instead. We also spent some time in a bath & body shop along the fringes of Victoria Market, and walked away with two bottles of lotion. Never too early to prep for winter!

Brunch @ Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds was our brunch destination of the day! I heard Melbourne is the place for great brunch spots and I'm not disappointed at all.

I ordered a Banoffee Waffle (V) - quite the flavorful explosion - and you'll find it at the top of the menu. Click on the picture for a more thorough look-see!

Our next destination was the Melbourne Museum/Royal Exhibit. Our route took us past Melbourne University and through Carlton Garden. It was quiet and peaceful, but I do recommend going some time when the sun isn't trying to burn through your skin.

Melbourne Museum

Our initial plan was to check out the Royal exhibit but it was closed for an event on Thursday, so we spent time in the Melbourne Museum instead.

Okay so, the photos aren't actually of Melbourne Museum, but it's pretty hard trying to a get a shot of it considering it's more length than width. While we didn't investigate all corners, we did have fun with the forest walk and a good tour of the psychology section. The latter had fun optical illusion corners, as well as more serious address of mental health and illness; it's worth checking out if you ever want to engage your parents in a more serious conversation about the topic. 

There was also an impressive lair of dinosaurs and fossils and a display of all sorts of animals that existed (and still exist) in Australia. I highly recommend that corner too!


We wrapped up the day by heading back to city center and resting our feet at a coffee shop @ QV.  Dinner was a cheap donburi place around the corner. We wanted to go into Myers but it closed around 7 - which I can't get used to, why would any shopping mall close so early - so instead we walked back with the sun blinding us. Recharging with an early night in means more time to explore tomorrow after all!