Hong Kong: Tea @ Urban Park, Picnic Style

I won't spend time describing the interior (think sleek tiles and a gleaming, wooden bar), because what stole our interest was the installed lawn beyond the room-length glass panels. 

(image taken from Urban Park's website! There were already people out in the open area - this is a much clearer photo)

An Open Air Tea Party

That's right - Urban Park brings a spring of green into the center of concrete clustered Tsim Sha Tsui. Elevated on the 4th floor, the white overhead tent insulated us from both the heat and noise of Hong Kong summer.

It's hard to muster up the effort for baking up your own afternoon tea, and scour around the city for some peaceful, not too sun-attacked plot of park/garden/grass. It's also hard to find a beautifully empty backdrop for photos where people won't unintentionally photobomb you. 

THEME: Picnic Style!

Lucky us, we got ushered into the inner most space (given we were a group of four to the other pairs), and sat right next to a decorated wall of fake greenery, two green and white checkered mats spread out in front of a fan and beige sofa seating. In the corner is a picnic basket, open and prettied up.

Such a lovely picnic basket! 

urban park tea

The staff was quick to bring over a bottle of sparkling or distilled water to quench our literal and aesthetic thirst. They also efficiently followed up: What would you like to drink? You can have the complimentary sparkling wine or other beverages, including lemon water, lemon tea, coffee, tea, latte.

(we ordered either lemon tea or water)


If you have little shame like me, kick off your shoes and throw yourself onto the picnic mats! First thing I did was take photos of the crisp white, blue, brown arrangement of picnic stuff. If you were classier, like my friends, you'd probably take a seat on the sofa first. We spent the time until the food came taking advantage of the cute set up; one of our friends even brought a full-on camera set-up with a tripod. Pretty sure everyone was judging us, heh.

THEN: the tea set.

Isn't it SO AWESOME. I absolutely adored the presentation (I have a weakness for all things rustic/vintage/industrial) - and of course, we spent a good chunk of time playing around with the photo arrangements. It's hard to resist when something so Insta-worthy is dropped on your mat! 

I'd list out the entire menu, but wouldn't you rather see it? 

Also the wet tissue packaging is deliberately designed like a condom and just - I CAN'T. 


If you're looking to do a little something cute, or a little something different, Urban Park Tea Set is a to-do! The portions are generous and the price extremely reasonable for the quality of the food + beverages + space. I think quiet places like this where you can lie back and rewind beats going the traditional route of high tea in a hotel (although that has its own charm). Whether you want a relaxing space to catch up with your friends, or celebrate a birthday (like we did), it's worth trying out. At the very least, you'll get some refreshing photos at the end!

Where: URBAN PARK TST (4/F, 20-22 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon)

When: Saturday & Sundays; 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Here's the pamphlet outlining reservation + cost + menu, from their website

(image taken from Urban Park's website! Not mine)