'Leaf Me Curious' isn't a pun -

except it is. 

Hi! I'm Maple = a 20 something, not sure what she's doing, mess. I'm surprisingly anxious for someone with supposedly a lot of chill, and have a special skill of getting carded even though I'm years past 18.

Oh, I speak English, Chinese and a healthy dose of Sarcasm. And I used to know Spanish? Apparently six years of classes don't mean anything after four years of no speaking (Lo siento Sta. R!). I also picked up some Japanese and Korean over the years because I am an avid worshiper of anime and K-Pop - LOUD AND PROUD exclaim the walls of my room. 


If no one picked it up, sad - the "leaf" of this blog name is actually a play on "leave". 

Leaving is a sad verb sometimes. I feel like I've left behind a lot; we all do as we get older. But leaving can also be exciting. Scary too, but when a whole world of opportunities open up to you, being scared doesn't actually stop you from leaving what you know. At least, it didn't stop me.

I've been extremely lucky to be born to parents who love traveling. In fact, I don't even recall the first few times I've left home! Growing up was going to my friends' homes for sleepovers, then family trips, then summer camps, and before I knew it, university. 

People never quite expect my answer when they ask me where I went for college: Korea. Yonsei University wasn't actually Plan A, it was more Plan Z, but ultimately I went for the option I half jokingly applied for because it was different. So, I left home with this bright red backpack to match my suitcase, and settled in a country which I didn't speak the language of. In my third year, I jetted off to Osaka (Japan) for a year abroad.

At the end of four years, I came home to Hong Kong. Because who said leaving was forever?

(okay, maybe 10% of the "leaf" was because I thought it'd be a funny name thing. or 20%. you know, like Maple leaf? no? )


Ultimately, this blog is about me. Insofar that it's about places I've been, things I see, people I meet. Random thoughts, splashes of words. Writing, no matter how much is fiction or truth, exposes something about the writer... and I guess part of why I started this blog is to find out something about myself too. 


Curiosity is what keeps us moving forward. Along with it comes a sense of wonder. I used to have both in spades, but I'm not sure where they've gone now. When did I stop being curious? When did I stop asking questions? When did I start feeling too tired to really care?

Hopefully this blog will remind me to be curious. Who are the people? What are their stories? I want to walk alongside them and live in their everyday, than see their reality play out in a pixelized box.  I want to appreciate the small ways the world is still beautiful. The world has forgotten what it's like to wonder at ordinary things... and I want to learn how to remember.


... moving on, you'll realize I write lots of waffly, prose heavy things, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm saying. 

So there.

Enjoy the blog!